12 Shops of Christmas

Active: December 13th - 20th

Celebrate the holidays this year, by shopping local for all to hear! Come join us on a Burleson-wide Scavenger hunt, by visiting Dynamic Graphics at the front! Purchase a $5 game card to last the whole scavenge, we made sure the hints were quite a challenge. Follow along on videos or in text, to see if you will win next! Finish your card to see if you'll win the $700 worth of prizes, catch us on Facebook Live on to make sure there are no surprises! Help out your favorite local business, and above all else, have a very Merry Christmas!

Winner is drawn on December 21st

Watch the Video for More Details!

  • Clue #1

    This next place you'll never find, but I'll give a clue to stump your mind. Seek out the boy who works with dough, nuts I've already told you where to go.

  • Clue #2

    Well done I guess, but the next clue you seek will be much harder because I've hidden the creek. Ah, they'll never figure that one out, such a smoothie.

  • Clue #3

    That last clue was too easy, I'm sure it was a yawn. This one's much harder, find the Java of John.

  • Clue #4

    Well, well, well, you're smarter than you think. Why your face is even turning bright pink! From your nose, to the cheeks, to the tips of your ears you should shout it out from the chandeliers!

  • Clue #5

    This next one is tough, it'll put you in a bind. You'll only get it, if you're extremely refined!

  • Clue #6

    This one's sure to stump you and cause you to scurry! Well, I'll only say this: Have a Christmas that's Murry!

  • Clue #7

    These clues have been too simple, nothing to think about. So here is a puzzle that will make you, geek out.

  • Clue #8

    Well you've found the clue well done, look at you! But the next one will be at a not so new, Texas brew.

  • Clue #9

    You're getting close, I won't tell a lie. But here's just two more words for you: panda and tie.

  • Clue #10

    Well, well, well, you're probably hit your max! I'll give you two words: cents and an axe!

  • Clue #11

    You're so close to the end of your mission. You'll find the next clue, only if you use your pro visions.

  • Clue #12

    You did it! All twelve! Well done, just like you planned it. Now, bring your game card back to Dynamic!

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